Enquiries - general
I paint many subjects, as you see, so will rise to just about any challenge.

I work in oil paint on canvas, carbon pencil on paper and acrylics, though have also used watercolour, pen and ink and many other mediums.

Oil paint is always my favourite simply for it's visual impact and it's toughness compared to delciate watercolours or pastels, which need to be handled very carefully.

I work from my own photographs, or you can email me yours, send them on disk or upload to my Dropbox/GoogeDrive accounts - contact me for details.

Feel free to enquire about anything you want painted or drawn.


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Enquiries - portraits
I prefer to work - which is not always possible - from my own photographs taken when I visit the subject myself, whether a person or a animal. It's all about their personality.

This time with the subject is important in absorbing a lot of visual information, largely at a sub-conscious level and helps bring the painting/drawing to life later. Only then will I guarantee a likeness, though I can usually match this with your photos as modern photographic devices can produce great results these days.

I will tell you if I think I may have trouble from your own photographs, but I know it's often necessary to paint from photos of a loved one that is no longer with you.

Enquiries - non-portrait
Prices for other than portraits are very difficult to give a guide for as they differ so much, depending on the type of picture and size and extra demands, such as, travel, research, so please email me for help in this case.
I will consider any subject and like the challenge!

Portraits prices guide for people
Portraits of people are more demanding than those of animals, so paintings or drawings take longer to execute and I have to reflect this in the price. Clothing for example can be time consuming to paint and even take longer than the person! Jewellery needs to look right. Details matter.

A rough guide, for a single sitter with simple clothing and plain background, take the dogs prices here then multiply by at least 1.5.

Portraits prices guide for horses
Equine portraits are more demanding than those of cats or dogs and are on par with portraits of people due to the very subtle forms and colouring of horses.

A rough guide, for a single horse and plain background (head and shoulders), take the dogs prices here then multiply by 1.5.
Horses are often portrayed in a setting, so that requires more time to paint, so please email for a more acuurate quote.
Pricing is complicated based on time (the largest factor usually), size, subject, backgrounds, setting, scene, materials, framing, individual requests, travel, models, postage etc, so aisde from these guides, please telephone or e-mail me for a no-obligation quote.

Portraits prices guide for dogs & cats.
Portraits of single dog or cat, head and shoulders, in OILS UNFRAMED on finest quality linen stretched CANVAS...
10x8 inches
12x10 inches
14x10 inches
16x12 inches
18x14 inches
20x16 inches
22x16 inches
24x18 inches
24x20 inches
30x24 inches
36x24 inches
Portraits of single dog or cat, head and shoulders or whole body, carbon pencil DRAWING ON TINTED PAPER, UNFRAMED...
10x8 inches
12x10 inches
14x10 inches
16x12 inches
18x14 inches
These are just a guide, but virtually any size or shape is available.

These are for head and shoulders with a subtle abstract background to suit, though I can paint more complex scenic backgrounds - just ask and I'll give a quote.

Full body portraits need a setting to 'place' the subject, so cost a little more depending on whether you want a subtle abstract background or a more complex, specific scene - just ask.

Prices are based on execution time, so if I paint more than just the dog and a simple background, that means more time needed to paint.
I pride myself on the finest quality, so if you are not fully satisfied, I will give a full refund.

Postage and packing excluded, but as a guide £12 (most small to medium sizes) up to £70 for UK by Royal Mail Special Delivery or contact me for International, which depends greatly on size and weight.

Any art work can be framed, as I work with a local picture framer I used to work for myself and together we will get the best suited to your picture, which is always best decided once the painting is completed.
I don't have a fixed structure as framing costs can vary wildly, but we can discuss that once the painting is ready, or of course, you can get the painting framed yourself after you have recieved it.

Payments by cheque (contact me first) or see paypal and all major cards below.

Nudes Enquiries
Like many artists before me, I regard the nude as one of the most beautiful forms on earth and I try to convey this reverance through delicate realistic drawings using pencil and conte on tinted papers, or oil paintings on board.These subtle effects are lost on a monitor, but hopefully these examples give a good clue nonetheless.

A typical scenario is a wife being drawn as a gift for her husband. She will have a friend present for support if she is a nervous and will pose for a set of photographs, though I prefer to draw from life if she can spare the time- and certain rules are obeyed on either side to make the experience pleasant and, they often tell me, quite liberating.

I have far fewer male nude commissions, but I will take them as much as a female commission.

If I take photographs, privacy and confidentiality are paramount, because I feel privileged to do this and believe in karma!

Drawings/paintings of backs are popular and suit someone a little shy, because I obviously only need to see or photograph that part of their anatomy, but nearly every model feels so at ease after a back they want to do more.


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